The Fire

"Cos nothing is stopping you You can set the world on fire, 
Nothing is stopping you. And If I go out, I'll go out screaming."
The Fire, while most think it means enjoy the world or reach for the sky, was illustrated to portray 'if you are going to burn out, burn out bright and fast like a fire or a sunset'. Go out with a bang. Much like the lyrics that inspired this piece. 
The first rendition of this piece. 
The Fire is the pinnacle of my personal brand but it is also apart of a bigger project that I've been working on for years. It's apart of a story (Sky Interface) about a boy who has the ability to touch the sky like it's a touch screen computer and his friend who can somewhat see ghosts. It's a constant project but it always brings me to work harder to bring this surreal concept to life.   
The piece was also published as the cover of Apex Magazine's July 2016 and the Winter 2017 collection along with an interview of me.
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