Cyber Gamer ft Radioactive Doritos (Animated)

Because who wouldn't eat glowing Doritos?

Digital Pre-sketch 
Progress shots
Animation test before final
Wiley is an avid gamer in a futuristic world. There isn't a lot to see but he spends most of his time inside playing video games and munching on radioactive Doritos. He goes by WileCOYOTE online and runs a semi-successful youtube gaming account.  
Of course in the future, there are clothing options with moveable designs. They are programmed to move freely and react based on user blood pressure and body language. Not only can they fluidly move around the garment. You can change the design using the mobile app and create your own designs.
Concept art of the aquarium from the game and the screenshot displayed on Wiley's screen. 
A ad campaign created for Wacom displaying the illustration and another illustration previously done.
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